About Us

Miami Missionary Tent Company produces durable, high-quality American-made vinyl tents, specifically designed as revival tents for Christian ministries. In addition to catering to the needs of missionaries and tent evangelism, we expanded our services to encompass all Christian Ministries. This decision was prompted by the lack of interest from any tent company in the country to manufacture heavy-duty, long-lasting tents – a gap we aimed to fill as Christians in ministry.

Our product range includes pole tents suitable for the rental industry, addressing various occasions such as weddings, parties, tent meetings, special events, and even circus tents. We offer pole tents in a wide range of sizes.

Established in 1980 through divine guidance, Miami Missionary Tent Company has evolved to meet the demands of both ministries and commercial customers. Recently, we introduced wholesale tents to accommodate commercial needs, responding to interest from businesses and ministry customers seeking tents in diverse shapes like square, rectangular, round, and oval.

To ensure your convenience, we do our best to keep popular tents in-stock, allowing for prompt shipping in most cases. Larger tents, such as those exceeding 50 feet, are not always in stock, so ample time is recommended for construction. Payment options include business checks, church checks, wire transfers, and MasterCard/Visa (with a 1.99% charge for personal cards and 2.45% for business cards). We also accept personal checks with a 7-day processing period for first-time purchases. Upon receiving a minimum of 50% payment, we proceed to fulfill your order, with the requirement for full payment before pickup or shipping. Additionally, a tent can be reserved with a 25% down deposit, and regular payments can be made to secure the tent price for up to 12 months.

If you are genuinely interested in a tent, please…